Undergraduate Programs

Precision Agriculture Area of Emphasis in the Agriscience and Environmental Sciences (AES) Major
Agriscience and Environmental Systems students learn to apply knowledge of basic sciences to solve agricultural problems. In addition to learning the fundamentals of agronomy, entomology, plant pathology, resource management, soil science, and business management and marketing, students also learn about new technologies that can be applied to plant and animal production systems such as biotechnology, geographic information systems, and precision agriculture.

The Precision Agriculture area of emphasis allows students to gain in-depth knowledge of the principles, technologies, and software packages that empowers them to be highly competitive for jobs in the precision ag industry as well as for jobs in research.

Key courses include:

Principles of Precision Agriculture
Advanced Topics on Precision Agriculture
Geographic Information Systems
Sensors in Precision Agriculture

Paid Internship Opportunities
Paid internships are available to undergraduate students who wish to gain experience with precision agriculture by participating on ongoing research projects. Most internships are available from mid-May to mid-August.