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Category: Agriculture

Planting Calculations

Below are some useful formulas to determine seeding rate, seed spacing, number of seeds per foot or assess emerged plant population based on stand counts in certain length of the row. Alternatively, the tables provided below can be used to determine seeding rate based on seed spacing or assess plant population based on number of […]
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Variable-Rate Fertilizer Application Considerations

It’s not hard to miss large fertilizer spreaders on the roads or in the fields at this time of the year which means the current crop season is officially here, and that the lime and fertilizer applications will be in full swing from now until planting. These large self-propelled spinner-spreaders have become more common over […]
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Estimating Peanut Harvest Losses

Losses during peanut harvest are common and can be caused by improper setup, operation and/or performance of the harvest equipment. Some losses can also be attributed to the field and crop conditions at harvest. Excessive losses can significantly reduce peanut yields and profits if not managed or reduced during harvest. While harvest losses cannot be […]
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Pesticide Application Considerations with Spray Drones

With increased availability and interest in spray drones recently, we are starting to see more people getting into the spray drone application business as well as growers who are interested to learn more about the technology and its application capabilities. The wet weather during months of May and June across much of the southeastern US […]
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Calibrating Liquid Fertilizer Applicators Using Water

Liquid applicators are commonly used to apply different fertilizer solutions and similar to the sprayers, they need to be calibrated properly to apply the desired application rate in gallons per acre (GPA). While the calibration process for liquid fertilizer applicators is similar to the sprayers, the actual rate for the fertilizer can vary greatly from […]
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Precision Soil Sampling: Grid Size Efficacy Vs. Cost Considerations

Variable-rate application of lime and fertilizer is a common practice to address soil nutrient variability within the agricultural fields. When it comes to precision soil sampling to determine site-specific nutrient requirements, grid sampling still remains one of the most widely used methods due to its ease of implementation and not…
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Technology Checklist for Cotton Harvest Preparation

With cotton harvest approaching, growers need to start performing necessary maintenance and adjustments to get the cotton pickers ready. One of the most often overlooked areas during this preparation is harvest technology i.e. the yield monitoring components. As cotton yield data is increasingly being used by crop consultants and growers…
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