The Institute for Integrative Precision Agriculture works with a range of external and internal partners, including industry and UGA Centers and Institutes, to advance the broadening field of IPA and pursue strategies for translating research into the field. If you’re interested in working with us, please reach out to IIPA at

Center for Invasive Species and Ecosystem Health

Center for Invasive Species and Ecosystem Health

The Center for Invasive Species and Ecosystem Health develops and utilizes partnerships and information technology to advance invasive species management, integrated pest management, and forest health. Solutions to these problems require collaborations that transcend traditional disciplinary, departmental, institutional and agency approaches, as well as state and national borders. The center supports efforts to detect pests, respond to new introductions, document changes and manage the health of our ecosystems.

Institute for Artificial Intelligence

Institute for Artificial Intelligence

The Institute for Artificial Intelligence is an interdepartmental research and instructional unit within the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences of the University of Georgia. It offers two degree programs, a B.A. in cognitive science and an M.S. in artificial intelligence. The institute’s strengths include machine learning, robotics, computer vision, logic programming, neural and deep networks, genetic and evolutionary algorithms, natural language processing and computational psycholinguistics. More than 40 UGA faculty from seven colleges and schools are affiliated with the institute.

UGA Plant Center

University of Georgia Plant Center

The development of new food, feed, fiber and/or fuel products requires a clear understanding of plant growth and evolution and, conversely, that the most important discoveries in plant biology are those that can be made directly applicable to agriculture and associated industries. The Plant Center seeks to facilitate communication and to stimulate collaboration between individual researchers on the UGA campus, with a particular focus on uniting those with basic versus applied research interests.

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The Georgia Informatics Institutes

The Georgia Informatics Institutes (GII) helps faculty use informatics as a tool to answer research questions while making it easier for them to incorporate informatics into their instruction. The Institute is a hub for UGA informatics research and instruction, promoting collaboration among faculty and giving our students the knowledge and skills they need to fill some of today’s most in-demand positions.