IIPA Announces 2024 Seed Grants Program Funding Recipients

Congratulations to the following recipients of the 2024 IIPA Seed Grants:

TitleSSIF:  A Deep Generative Model for Remote Sensing Image Spatial-Spectral Super-Resolution for Precision Agriculture
PI:  Gengchen Mai, Assistant Professor, Department of Geography, Athens Campus

Title: Harnessing Deep Learning Algorithms for Ultrasound Image Analysis to Support Reproductive Management Decisions in Cattle
PI:  Todd Callaway, Associate Professor, Department of Animal & Dairy Science, Athens Campus

Title:  EggPicker: A mobile robotic system for identifying, localizing, and collecting floor eggs in cage-free hen housing environments
PI:  Guoming Li, Assistant Professor, Department of Poultry Science, Athens Campus

Title:  Enhancing Efficacy of Ornamental Crop Production: Application of Advanced Technologies for Automating Nursery Production Operations to Improve Labor Use Efficiency
PI:  Md Sultan Mahmud, Assistant Professor, Department of Plant Pathology, Athens Campus

Title:  PRECISIONDETECT (PD): AI-Enhanced Hyperspectral Imaging for Early Chicken Egg Fertility Detection
PI:  Christopher Kucha, Assistant Professor, Department of Food Science & Technology, Athens Campus

Title:  Revolutionizing Agriculture with Data-Driven Solutions:  Exploring Microbiome Function and Modulation in Animals through Machine Learning
PI:  Aditya Mishra, Assistant Professor, Department of Statistics, Athens Campus

Title:  Prediction model for breeding peanuts with desired roasted flavor
PI:  Joonhyuk Suh, Assistant Professor, Department of Food Science & Technology, Athens Campus