IIPA Holds Fall Networking Event

The Institute for Integrative Precision Agriculture (IIPA) held its Fall Networking event “An IPA with IIPA” on Thursday, September 21.

Seventeen faculty members attended, along with two staff members. The event focused on welcoming the Institute’s newest members, while bidding a fond farewell to co-interim director, Jaime Camelio, and recognizing all of his hard work on the IIPA engineering side.

Additionally, IIPA co-director Harald Scherm, introduced the Institute’s newest interim co-director for Engineering, Ramaraja Ramasamy.

New Member Faculty:

  • Chris Kucha, Food Science and Technology
  • Mehmet Kurum, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Qianwen “Cami” Li, ECAM
  • Qin Lu, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Md Sultan Mahmud, Plant Pathology
  • Aditya Mishra, Statistics
  • Shanjukta Nath, Agricultural and Applied Economics
  • Luan Oliveira, Horticulture (unfortunately will not be able to make it from Tifton)
  • Ramaraja Ramasamy, our new interim IIPA co-director, Engineering & CMBE
  • Hongyue Sun, Electrical and Computer Engineering