Student Hackathon

Deep Learning Meets Precision Agriculture Student Hackathon
May 19,  2023  |  2:00-5:00 PM

The Student Hackathon will focus on solving industry-supplied problems on crop and poultry production using cutting-edge tools from machine learning and computer vision.  Student teams will compete to develop solutions to one of these two problems.

Teams that develop the best solutions to each problem will be awarded $1000.

Part I: Introduction to Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Computer Vision (approximately 1 hour)

Dr. Jin Sun, School of Computing, University of Georgia

This tutorial will cover the following main topics:

  • Basic concepts
  • Machine learning workflow
  • Data collection and annotation
  • Choosing machine learning models
  • Evaluation and verification
  • Types of solvable machine learning and computer vision problems
    • Classification and segmentation
    • Detection and tracking
  • Real-world tools

Part II: Student Team Problem Solving Competition (approximately 2 hours)

Data and startup codes will be provided.

  • Crop production problem –Analyzing farm land for crop yield prediction using satellite and drone data.
  • Poultry production problem –Detecting and counting chickens in still images under challenging conditions.