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Category: News

Graduate Student Emily Bedwell to Attend International Soil Moisture School

e-bedwell-international-soilEmily Bedwell, a graduate student advised by Dr. George Vellidis, has been selected to participate in the International Soil Moisture School in Budapest, Hungary on July 14-17, 2024.

The school is intended for Ph.D. scholars, postdocs, and early career scientists interested in learning how to collect and utilize soil moisture resources from in situ and microwave satellite sensors.

Bedwell is one of only three graduate students in the United States awarded a Fulbright scholarship that will cover all her travel expenses.

Congratulations on this honor, Emily!

UGA-Tifton Integrative Precision Agriculture Research, Education and Demonstration Laboratory


With the global population expected to increase from 8 billion to 9.7 billion by 2050, agricultural researchers and producers are faced with the looming challenges of how to feed a growing world.

A key tool in the effort to propel Georgia’s No. 1 industry into the future is the expanding field of integrative precision agriculture (IPA).

At the University of Georgia Tifton campus, the new Tifton Integrative Precision Agriculture Research, Education and Demonstration Laboratory will be the first of its kind in the Southeast to provide state-of-the-art collaborative spaces, top-of-the-line autonomous equipment and job training for the next generation of agricultural leaders.

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2024 Georgia Precision Poultry Farming Conference

The UGA Poultry Science Department and Extension team will host the 2024 Georgia Precision Poultry Farming Conference virtually on May 1.

The event is free for students and the conference will be recorded for sharing with registered participants.

Register Online

More Information

This year’s conference will be the fourth annual Georgia Precision Poultry Farming Conference. Our past three conferences […]

Read More on the Precision Poultry Farming website



IIPA Announces 2024 Seed Grants Program Funding Recipients

Congratulations to the following recipients of the 2024 IIPA Seed Grants:

TitleSSIF:  A Deep Generative Model for Remote Sensing Image Spatial-Spectral Super-Resolution for Precision Agriculture
PI:  Gengchen Mai, Assistant Professor, Department of Geography, Athens Campus

Title: Harnessing Deep Learning Algorithms for Ultrasound Image Analysis to Support Reproductive Management Decisions in Cattle
PI:  Todd Callaway, Associate Professor, Department of Animal & Dairy Science, Athens Campus

Title:  EggPicker: A mobile robotic system for identifying, localizing, and collecting floor eggs in cage-free hen housing environments
PI:  Guoming Li, Assistant Professor, Department of Poultry Science, Athens Campus

Title:  Enhancing Efficacy of Ornamental Crop Production: Application of Advanced Technologies for Automating Nursery Production Operations to Improve Labor Use Efficiency
PI:  Md Sultan Mahmud, Assistant Professor, Department of Plant Pathology, Athens Campus

Title:  PRECISIONDETECT (PD): AI-Enhanced Hyperspectral Imaging for Early Chicken Egg Fertility Detection
PI:  Christopher Kucha, Assistant Professor, Department of Food Science & Technology, Athens Campus

Title:  Revolutionizing Agriculture with Data-Driven Solutions:  Exploring Microbiome Function and Modulation in Animals through Machine Learning
PI:  Aditya Mishra, Assistant Professor, Department of Statistics, Athens Campus

Title:  Prediction model for breeding peanuts with desired roasted flavor
PI:  Joonhyuk Suh, Assistant Professor, Department of Food Science & Technology, Athens Campus

IIPA Seminar Series – January 30 – Mehmet Kurum









Date:  Tuesday, January 30th

Time:   12:00 – 12:30 PM

Join Zoom Meeting (Meeting ID:  Meeting ID: 942 1051 5640; Passcode: 375080)


Mehmet Kurum

Title:  “Unveiling the Potential of GNSS Transmissometry (GNSS-T) for Remote Sensing of Forest Canopy Water Content: Challenges and Pathways to ‘Radio Realistic’ Forest Scene Generation”

IIPA Seed Grant Projects Presentation – December 8 – Peduzzi & Sun









Date:  Friday, December 8th
Time:   2:00 – 2:50 PM

Join Zoom Meeting (Meeting ID:  917 3524 6945)


Alicia Peduzzi

  • Title:  “Smart Forest Harvesting Operations: Using Artificial Intelligence to Improve Management and Logistics”
  • Seminar Time:  2:00 – 2:25 PM

Haijian Sun

  • Title:  “A Precision Tracking and Tracing System in Food Supply Chain Through Ubiquitous Wireless Connectivity”
  • Seminar Time:  2:25 – 2:50 PM

IIPA Seminar Series – October 27 – Dr Joshua Peschel

Robotics and Visual Sensemaking in Agriculture: Perspectives and Future Directions

Dr. Joshua Peschel, Associate Professor of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering at Iowa State University

Friday, October 27
Room 319, Building 1013 (Old Poultry Science Building –  110 Cedar Street)
12:00 pm

Or connect via Zoom

About the Speaker:

Dr. Joshua Peschel is an Associate Professor of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering at Iowa State University; he also holds courtesy appointments in the departments of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering. Dr. Peschel conducts research in cyber-agricultural systems where he and his students create new technologies, data sets, and computational models for automated visual sensing and sensemaking. His expertise includes cyber-agricultural systems, visual data sensing and analytics, and robot-assisted measurement. His research has been supported by the National Science Foundation, U.S. Departments of Agriculture, Defense and Energy, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and several commodity groups and private industry partners.